Why keep a fitness journal? Keeping a fitness journal has been proven time and again to inspire change, challenge the mundane, increase consistency, and boost weight loss. Quite frankly, keeping a fitness journal keeps you honest. The Get2Fit Journal not only helps you to keep honest with your exercise and food goals, but it also encourages permanent change with motivating quotes, goal incentives, and questions for reflection. With the help of this journal, a good exercise program, and an eating plan, you have everything you need to get your body fit in 12-weeks. What are you waiting for? Take the first step and Get2Fit!


When I began looking for a fitness journal to meet my personal health goals, I realized there was nothing out there to meet my needs.  The journals were either too short (6 or 8 weeks as opposed to 12), only included exercise or food logs,  did not provide enough space for me to log my information, or were geared toward a specific exercise or diet program.

I wanted something I could use for my 12-week exercise plans, had enough space for me to track my information no matter what kind of program I used, helped me to reach the root of my weight gain, and provided me encouragement along the way.  On top of that I wanted it to look cute!  Yes, black and white notebooks are nice, but there is something about a bright girly cover that gets me excited about opening and filling the inside.

What’s Included

The Get2Fit Journal was created out of this need for more.  It includes:

  1. 12 weeks of exercise and food logs
  2. Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated on your fitness journey
  3. Monthly workout planning pages
  4. Weekly meal planning pages
  5. Daily logs on an open-and-go two-page spread
  6. Journal pages
  7. Opportunities to rate your workouts and meals
  8. Weekly wrap-up questions designed to help you reflect, grow in confidence, and encourage your new fit lifestyle.
  9. Flexible reporting options that work with whatever exercise and diet program you choose.

See Inside Get2Fit!

Want to see more of the Get2Fit Journal?  Take a look at this Facebook Live interview on maintaining exercise motivation with my new fitness journal with Dr. Melanie Wilson and also hear from a few ladies who have.