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  • And the Word Became Flesh Feature

    And the Word Became Flesh


    You know you should be reading the Bible, praying for your family and other’s needs, memorizing scripture and living it out daily.  Yet, by the time you get all your quiet time supplies together–scripture memory cards, prayer journal, Bible, devotional book, daily Bible reading plan, etc–you are so overwhelmed you don’t know where to begin, or if you do, you quickly run out of time before you can accomplish each spiritual discipline.  With this book and your Bible, you will have all you need to take an amazing chronological journey through the New Testament.  

  • Encompass Preschool Curriculum Feature

    Encompass Preschool Curriculum


    Encompass Preschool Curriculum is a 26-week curriculum intended to guide a preschooler through basic developmental and educational skills expected of a 3 or 4 year old including, but not limited to, fine and gross motor skills, music, art, math, Bible, recitation, literacy, and cooking skills.  By the end of this curriculum a preschooler should be able to recognize all basic upper and lower case letters, numbers 1-20, basic shapes, basic colors, time to the half-hour, U.S. coins, his/her full name, and demonstrate basic reasoning skills.  In addition, a preschooler will have the opportunity to memorize several well-known poems and nursery rhymes as well as Bible verses and character studies that will have a life-long impact on their behavioral development.

  • Get2Fit Journal



    Why keep a fitness journal? Keeping a fitness journal has been proven time and again to inspire change, challenge the mundane, increase consistency, and boost weight loss. Quite frankly, keeping a fitness journal keeps you honest. The Get2Fit Journal not only helps you to keep honest with your exercise and food goals, but it also encourages permanent change with motivating quotes, goal incentives, and questions for reflection. With the help of this journal, a good exercise program, and an eating plan, you have everything you need to get your body fit in 12-weeks. What are you waiting for? Take the first step and Get2Fit!