6 Time Management Tips from the Top-Down

6 Time Management Tips from the Top Down

It’s April and as such we are moving on to a new series in the 144 Plan–Happy Homemaking.  Can I just say I am super exciting about this month’s theme?  Super excited.  I love writing and getting creative when it comes to organizing and planning for success within the home.  It’s so fun…well most of [continue reading…]

Age Appropriate Life Skills List

Age Appropriate Life Skills

When it comes to homeschooling, one thing I have put down on our curriculum checklist is an age-by-age life skills list (aka a list of chores with a purpose) as a guide to remind me as a mom to encourage my children to develop the skills they need to function as a mature and responsible [continue reading…]

The 2012 Top 10 Countdown


Today in ball-dropping fashion, here are the top 10 most viewed posts of 2012 as published on Cornerstone Confessions.  Here’s to ending this first full-year of blogging with a bang!  Thank you dear readers for a fabulously fun and budding 2012 as a rookie on the block.  2013 here we come! 10. Workbox Station and [continue reading…]

2013 Blog-and-Home Notebook is HERE!


I am so excited today to announce my 2013 Blog-and-Home All-in-One Planner.  Last year’s planner turned out to be such a big hit, I decided to try again only this time instead of 19 pages of printables, this planner now includes over 70 unique pages! Once again the Cornerstone Confessions Planner includes monthly planning pages, only [continue reading…]

Top 10 Organization Projects of 2012


Since I realize several of you may be recent subscribers, today I thought I’d reminisce a little and share the top ten most viewed organization projects of 2012.  While I blog about quite a few different topics here on Cornerstone Confessions, organization ideas are definitely one of my favorite topics to post about.  And, from the stats, [continue reading…]