The Fun You Can Have For Free {Guest Post}


Like you, I used to be under the impression that not many things came for free, except maybe love – and for anyone that has experienced a broken heart, even that can be costly! However, after having babies I was forced into looking at things from a different perspective; usually through a tired haze of [continue reading…]

Grocery Guide for Spending Less than $250

A couple of weeks ago I learned about the e-book, “2012 Family Guide to Groceries Under $250 a month” via Pinterest and was immediately intrigued.  I mean, I use coupons on a regular basis and shop the sale ads, but even then my savings doesn’t come down to $250 a month.  Wow! Well I decided to [continue reading…]

Save BIG on Auto Insurance


Just finished getting several online insurance quotes for our vehicles.  Did you know that you should consider comparing your auto insurance quotes at least every 3 years?  And if the savings between your insurance company and another quote is greater than 21%, you might want to consider the change? Well Goose and I are in [continue reading…]

Random Review Wednesday: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half


Welcome to the first official Random Review Wednesday–a day dedicated to reviewing a product, book, or app that we use or have just read.  I’m always up for learning about new products, books or apps that have helped others on their domestic diva quest as I’m sure you are too.  So hopefully this will help [continue reading…]

2012 Family Guide to Groceries Under $250


Just came across this pin and couldn’t resist sharing. When I looked up reviews on this ebook, people have nothing but compliments to share.  While I personally have not read it yet, it is now on my immediate radar such that I am sure to share my full review soon. So what do you think? [continue reading…]