Major Decorating Switcheroo, Part 3: The Office

Major Decorating Switcheroo: The Office Have you ever thought of switching up your rooms to make your space more inviting?

Last week I shared with you my majoring decorating switcheroo of the dining room and on Monday, the living room.  Today it’s the office–my now favorite room in the whole house. First, let’s begin with some before pics.  Here is what the former office looked like: You may remember it from my Home Office Organization post which, as you [continue reading…]

Major Decorating Switcheroo, Part 2: The Living Room

Major Decorating Switcheroo: Living Room Have you ever thought of switching your rooms around to make more space?

Last week I shared with you how I’ve been busy switching around rooms.  Last it week it was the dining room.  Today it’s the living room. Up first, the before pics.  Here is what our former living room looked like: And here is what our former office looked like (now our living room): You may remember [continue reading…]

Major Decorating Switcheroo, Part 1: The Dining Room

Major Decorating Switcheroo: The Dining Room

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I had started TOTALLY re-arranging our house and that pics were forthcoming.  Well today is that day. A couple of weeks ago I got the urge to organize, shared the idea with my husband and the need to move things just couldn’t be helped.  And I didn’t [continue reading…]

Adorable Kid-Friendly Decor Ideas for Reviving the Mudroom

Adorable Kid-Friendly Mudroom Ideas

You’ve no doubt heard the age-old adage, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” It’s great advice and all, but what happens when you run out of places? Or when your kids unceremoniously dump their backpacks and gear on the entryway floor because they have designated that area as a worthy place? A [continue reading…]

From Rustic to Modern: A Dining Room Before/After

Dining Transformation

Today’s guest post is from Olivia of DIY Mother.  Olivia is a 20-something mother to two rambunctious little girls, and wife to a handsomely handy contractor. Her family purchased their first home last year, and since then have been embarking on any DIY renovation project they can dream up; she’s also become a bit of a decorating nerd. Somehow [continue reading…]