Carrot Height Chart {Free Printable}

Carrot Height Chart for Kids--Make your own wall height chart!

Some time ago I created height charts for both my girls and we’ve had fun marking them at all major milestones.  I originally made the height charts because: 1) I didn’t have much money to purchase a “real” one and 2) I wanted to have something that I could mark their heights on and eventually [continue reading…]

Balancing the Husband Factor, Pt.1–Dates on a Dime


This morning I woke up at 5 a.m. to go running with my husband, daughter, and a local running club.  Yes, on a Saturday morning.  Quite honestly, if it hadn’t been something my husband and I had decided to do together, I probably would have just pressed the snooze button.  But, we had committed to [continue reading…]

Physical Balance, Pt. 1

As I sit here thinking about yesterday’s post, I thought to myself, “Here I am writing my own birthing and pregnancy story when I remember very well in those early months hearing everyone else’s story and thinking…’oh boy, here we go again.’”  Well I most certainly hope that did not lead you down that same [continue reading…]

Spiritual Balance, Pt. 1–Bible Study

Ever since you became a Christian or first started attending a church, you have  probably heard about the importance of getting into the Word.  It may be something you’ve never done or it could just be the new aspects of motherhood seems to be getting in the way of your quality one-on-one time with God.  [continue reading…]

Physical Balance, Pt. 2 — Exercise


When Peanut was born I thought I’d have plenty of time in the day to exercise and get back into a healthy lifestyle.  Babies sleep a lot so I thought I’d be able to exercise while she slept.  Yeah right.  Many of you probably have heard the saying, “Sleep when the baby sleeps.”  Oh my goodness that is [continue reading…]