How to Create a Princess Party on a Budget

How to Create a #Princess Party on a Budget #kidspartyideas

One part of keeping a home involves the acknowledgment and preparation of special celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, job milestones, school success, etc.  Today’s 144 Plan to Happy Homemaking is all about that–taking joy in life’s little celebrations–even on a budget. Today is Peanut’s birthday.   It is hard to believe she is turning 5! [...]

Keeping the Family in Mind as You Organize

Keeping the family in mind as you #organize: 4 ways to encourage your family to take pride in their stuff and how it is organized

Recently, I had a reader and friend email to ask for my organization advice.  Her major point of frustation?  Her children and husband were not putting things away when they were finished using them leaving a mess behind that was more than she could bear.  She knew she needed to try something different but just [...]

Titus 2 Tuesday–LinkUp #98

Titus 2 Tuesday

Welcome to another Titus 2 Tuesday Linkup Party! Come join us as we linkup our encouraging posts. No week is ever the same but the encouragement and inspiration is like no other as we spur each other on as sisters in Christ. This Week on Cornerstone Confessions: This week marked the beginning of the 144 Plan [...]

iBlog Bundle Sale THIS WEEK ONLY

iBlog Bundle Sale 25% off THIS WEEK ONLY (Both for $11.99)

Are you a blogger looking for something that will give you that edge to take it to the next level?   Or, are you a blog follower wondering what all might be involved in getting started as a blogger?  Or, some where in between?  Then this week’s special deal is for you. When asked about [...]