Social Media Tips–What Have You Missed?

Social Media Smarts on CornerstoneConfessions.Com

This post concludes the 144 Plan to Social Media Smarts and as such I want to take the time to recap this month as well as remind you that some fun freebies and an amazing social media giveaway end today! This Month’s Goody Bag Just a reminder to my subscribers, today is the last day for you […]

Top 10 Twitter Tips Articles I’ve Read in the Past Year

Top 10 #Twitter Tips Articles I've Read in the Past Year

Which social media platform has more weight on social media rankings than any other?  Twitter.  Which social media platform is the best at providing in-the-moment news the best?  Twitter.  Which network provides the best marketing connections?  While this one may actually have a few competitors, Twitter usually still ranks near the top.  Yet, Twitter is […]

5 G+ Tips for Improving Your Blog’s SEO and Gaining More Followers

5 G+ Tips for Improving SEO and Gaining More Followers #googleplus

Currently, one of my favorite social media platforms is Google Plus.  I love the visual aspects similar to that of Instagram, the content driven focus with Twitter-like hashtags, and the interactive community similar to that of Facebook (although better because YOU control what you see and don’t see instead of some unseen computer with weird […]

When It’s Time to a Take a Break from Social Media

When It's Time to Take a Social Media Break #socialmediatips

About once a month I share my heart over on Managing Your Blessings and today I’m sharing about social media and idolatry and the road that connects the two.  As such, you will find today’s Social Media Smarts posts a little different from the tips and tricks  posts of the past (although no less powerful). […]

How and Why to Measuring Your Social Media Influence

The How and Why to Measuring Your Social Media Influence #socialmedia

When it comes to creating a media kit, promoting your blog with potential advertisers, or even just considering what social media platforms are really worth your time, numbers talk.  This is where tools that measure your social media influence can come in very handy. Why Measure Your Social Media Influence?  Confession:  I admit it right […]