Favorite Children’s Books Read This School Year

Favorite Children's Books Read This Year

We read over 300 children’s books this school year and definitely found a few new gems worth sharing.  Actually, we probably read more like 400 or 500, but I kept forgetting to add it to our reading list.  Aw well.  All that to say, here are our top 10 favorite children’s books read during the [continue reading…]

Turtle Bread for Tadeo Turtle

Turtle Bread for Tadeo Turtle

My girls and I have recently been introduced to Tadeo Turtle.  Have you heard of him?  Tadeo Turtle is a picture book written by Janis Cox about a cute painted turtle who dreams he’d like to be anything but a turtle with a shell on his back. In the end he realizes that God made him [continue reading…]

Homeschooling: Just Tell Me, How Do You Do It?

Just Tell Me--How do you do it? Ever ask a homeschooling veteran this question? Well now, there is an answer...from 25 homeschooling veterans (not just 1)! Check out this fabulous ebook only $6.99!

  “Just tell me, HOW do you do it?”  I don’t know how many times I’ve asked that question of a homeschooling veteran or it that asked of me.  We homeschool parents want to know how others teach their kids in hopes that what we learn will help us improve how we educate our own children. The [continue reading…]

Making a List and Checking it Twice

The Regency Adventures of Jemima Sudbury Review--amazing historical books for older elementary girls

By nature and habit, I’m a list-maker. I may not actually check things off my list – I may just forget I ever made a list – I may not “rediscover” one until, “Oh well, that was a list for Monday and now it’s Thursday.” I may find my list crumpled into a ball in [continue reading…]

3 Weekend Cyber Deals That Are Totally Worth It!

3 Weekend Cyber Sales 2014 #cybermonday

I’ve come to figure there are two types of Black Friday people–those that can’t miss a single deal and those that would rather pay full price than fight the chaos. Me, I’m kind of a tweener. I like a good deal but without the chaos and crowds. I suppose that’s why I usually like Cyber [continue reading…]