Prepare Your Child for BIG Church with a Bagabook

Prepare Your Child for Big Church with a Bagabook

Peanut is old enough now to transition from children’s church to “big” church.  While she has been bringing her bag of coloring books, crayons, and silly putty for some time, she really hasn’t made the transition to participating in the church service.  Thus, what transpired into an early Easter present to help her make the [continue reading…]

Who Could You Encourage This Month?

Who Could You Encourage This Month with a Card or Letter?

This month is National Card and Letter Month.  Who would have thought, in times before computers, e-mail, text messaging, and so forth, that there would be a need for such a thing as a month dedicated to the sending and receiving of cards and letters?!  Probably few.  But there still remains something special in the [continue reading…]

The Chair That Changed My Walk with Christ

The Chair That Changed My Walk With Christ

This week while reading in my quiet corner, I was given another epiphany from my gracious Lord, Who has recently given me loving touches and reminders of His goodness, most especially in small, everyday graces which can easily be overlooked.  My current Bible study in Gideon (Priscilla Shirer, Lifeway publishers) has prodded me to look [continue reading…]

3 Favorite iPhone Apps that Help Maintain My Sanity

3 Favorite iPhone Apps That Help Me Maintain My Sanity! #apps #organization

This last year I started to make the transition from paper organization to electronic organization.  While I thought it might be a rough go since I always considered myself a paper and pencil kind of list maker, I’ve actually really liked the time its saved re-writing things every week.  I also really like the ability [continue reading…]