Are You Ready to Face the Lions for Someone Else’s Benefit?

Are you ready to face the lions in your life for someone else's benefit?

Today I am honored to share a guest post from my very dear friend and mentor, Aleta Biddy.  Last year, my Bible study group worked through a study that left me personally convicted to find a spiritual mentor to hold me accountable since my life roles often place me at the forefront of spiritual battles.  Thus, ever [continue reading…]

My Reading List for 2015

My Reading List for 2015 @CornerstoneKat #books #readinglist

January is National Book Month and as such, I thought it only fitting to share what’s on my reading list for 2015.  I once heard it said that, “you will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read,” and I agree, [continue reading…]

One Verse Thinking–Going Beyond Just One Word

One Verse Thinking--Going Beyond Just One Word #settinggoals

I assume by now, many of you have heard of My One Word or One Word goals.  It’s a form of goal motivation where a person comes up with one word to inspire his/her accomplishments for the year.  While I’ve never done it, after 2014, I thought I might give it a try.  However, I then got [continue reading…]

10 Reasons NOT to Take a Sabbath Rest

10 Reasons NOT to Take a Sabbath Rest

This week I read an article on Mom’s Morning Coffee (one of my favorite blogs) called Why You Should Not Celebrate a Sabbath.  It was an excellent post in which Pat challenged her readers TO set aside regular times of Sabbath rest for one’s self because we need it. While I couldn’t agree more, she [continue reading…]