10 Reasons NOT to Take a Sabbath Rest

10 Reasons NOT to Take a Sabbath Rest

This week I read an article on Mom’s Morning Coffee (one of my favorite blogs) called Why You Should Not Celebrate a Sabbath.  It was an excellent post in which Pat challenged her readers TO set aside regular times of Sabbath rest for one’s self because we need it. While I couldn’t agree more, she […]

100+ Places You Can Find Free Planner Printables for 2015 (and Giveaway)

100+ Places You Can Find Free Planner Printables for 2015 #plannerprintables

A couple of weeks ago I announced that my 2015 Planner was going to be FREE, much to the excitement of many.  In it there are over 140 free printables to help you organize your life in 2015, whether that be for your home, school, blog, health, or whatever. That said, I realize that the […]

FREE! 2015 Cornerstone Confessions Planner Printables

140+ Free 2015 #Planner #Printables

This year instead of creating an entirely new planner, I decided to modify the one I created last year for 2015 with a few exciting new additions (like a car care chart, notes page, etc.).  Why? Because I want to offer it to my readers(aka YOU) this year for FREE!  Yes, you read that right, FREE. […]

Life’s a Game–Do You Have the Game Guide?

LIFE'S A Game--Do You Have the Game Guide?

Sometime’s life’s a game. You win some. You lose some. You often want to win more than others. And sometimes you’d rather lose just so you don’t have to hear others complain about it. You keep score by how much money you have, your social or occupational status, the number of friends you have on […]

Standing Up for God

STanding Up for God...at school or anywhere

  We can thank God that He doesn’t ask us to do scary things like jump in a hot, fiery furnace to prove He can save us, right? But we live in a world where a lot of people don’t know God. That’s a shame, isn’t it?  1 Corinthians 2:14 says, “Only someone who has […]