Why Do You Do What You Do?

Why do you do what you do?

  Today I am sharing over on Managing Your Blessings about “Why Do You Do What You Do?”  Even though it is NOT one of my 144 Plan posts to Blogging Brilliance it still has a LOT to do with the WHY behind them.  To give you a taste of what is in store here [...]

2014 is Here and It’s Going to Be Exciting!

The 144 Plan on CornerstoneConfessions.Com

  My 2013 Goals Update and the Plan for 2014 In January I shared my goals for the year along with a promise to provide an update each month and this marks the last of my updates for 2013.  Can you believe its finally 2014?!  All that to say, before I share something new and exciting, here [...]

Email Subscription Update and Planner Giveaway

2014 Cornerstone Confessions Everything #Planner #Giveaway

Where Did You Go? For those of you who receive Cornerstone Confessions’ posts via email, have you noticed that Gmail has started putting Cornerstone Confessions in your Promotions tab and not your primary tab (if you have multiple tabs selected)? What this means is that Cornerstone Confessions’ posts get lost midst advertisements and other junk [...]

December Goals 2013

My March Goals for 2013

In January I shared my goals for the year along with a promise to provide an update of my monthly breakdown at the beginning of each month.  This month flew by.  Can you believe it’s the Christmas season already?  Love it.  But…that also usually means goals tend to go out the window with the chaos of family [...]

2014 Everything Planner is HERE!

2014 Cornerstone Confessions Everything #Planner #Printables

Today I am very excited to announce the 2014 Cornerstone Confessions Everything Planner!  It has been a long time in the making but I am definitely pleased with the results.  This year’s planner has over 200 printables covering everything from homemaking and meal planning to blogging, homeschooling, goal planning and more. A few highlights from [...]