NEW! 2016 Planner Printables

140+ Planner Printables for 2015 AND 2016

I’ve had several requests recently for some 2016 planner pages since several of you are planning for the new school year.  Thus, today I am glad to share with you calendar pages for 2016 (for FREE of course)! 21 NEW Planner Printables for 2016 120+ Timeless Planner Printables That You Know and Love Those planner [continue reading…]

What? Me? Wait?

What? Me? Wait?

Ever fall into the thought pattern of “everybody else is getting ahead of me”?  I’m thinking this must be an eternal temptation women encounter, no matter their occupation.  Stay-at-home gals sometime think the workaday ladies have it all together and certainly receive more affirmation and attention for their work.  Working women often times view the [continue reading…]

What is a Prayer?

What is a prayer

  Prayer.  What is a prayer?A word?  A thought?  An emotion?  A whim?Why pray?  Why this day?Why does our nation take time to pray more on this day than any other?Our nation needs prayer all the time.  A Christian nation?  I think not.Do we want one?  Sure…in theory.But are we ready for what a Christian [continue reading…]

Prepare Your Child for BIG Church with a Bagabook

Prepare Your Child for Big Church with a Bagabook

Peanut is old enough now to transition from children’s church to “big” church.  While she has been bringing her bag of coloring books, crayons, and silly putty for some time, she really hasn’t made the transition to participating in the church service.  Thus, what transpired into an early Easter present to help her make the [continue reading…]

Who Could You Encourage This Month?

Who Could You Encourage This Month with a Card or Letter?

This month is National Card and Letter Month.  Who would have thought, in times before computers, e-mail, text messaging, and so forth, that there would be a need for such a thing as a month dedicated to the sending and receiving of cards and letters?!  Probably few.  But there still remains something special in the [continue reading…]