Making Summer Plans

Making Summer Plans

This summer we are looking forward to a LOT of outdoor time (if these Oklahoma storms ever stop gracing us with their presence).  So what all do we hope to do?  Here’s a look at what we plan on accomplishing this summer. Our Summer Curriculum Plan While we definitely want to take a break from most [continue reading…]

Why We Chose Homeschool Planet

We We Chose Homeschool Planet

As I mentioned in February, I’m slowly transitioning to a paperless system for my organization needs so as to hopefully, over time, create less clutter and save time.  So, when asked to review Homeschool Planet, I decided that maybe this was my time to take the big leap into digitally organizing my homeschool plans. However, [continue reading…]

Favorite Children’s Books Read This School Year

Favorite Children's Books Read This Year

We read over 300 children’s books this school year and definitely found a few new gems worth sharing.  Actually, we probably read more like 400 or 500, but I kept forgetting to add it to our reading list.  Aw well.  All that to say, here are our top 10 favorite children’s books read during the [continue reading…]

Homeschool Happenings –May 2015

Homeschool May 2015 on Cornerstone Confessions

We did it!  We finished school for the 2014-2015 school year!  Can I just say how excited we are…I am?!  Ha!  Here’s a look at how our year ended up. Teacup’s View of Homeschooling Can you begin to see that ornery streak come out in her pictures?  😉  Teacup is learning to beat her own [continue reading…]

Homeschooling: Just Tell Me, How Do You Do It?

Just Tell Me--How do you do it? Ever ask a homeschooling veteran this question? Well now, there is an answer...from 25 homeschooling veterans (not just 1)! Check out this fabulous ebook only $6.99!

  “Just tell me, HOW do you do it?”  I don’t know how many times I’ve asked that question of a homeschooling veteran or it that asked of me.  We homeschool parents want to know how others teach their kids in hopes that what we learn will help us improve how we educate our own children. The [continue reading…]