Homeschool Happenings–October 2014

What We've Been Up to in October--Our #Homeschool in Review

This month marked the beginning of our second nine weeks.  I can’t believe we are almost halfway finished with this school year.  That is unbelievable! Last month I promised to share an update regarding our modified workboxes, and so far it’s going great.  Instead of using workbox towers we created just one box for each [...]

How We Use Phonics Pathways to Teach Reading and Spelling

How to Use Phonics Pathways to Teach #Reading and #Spelling--Includes 180 days of FREE Lesson Plans!

A Little Background Last year we began using Phonics Pathways by Dolores G. Hiskes to teach Peanut how to read since Cathy Duffy’s review spoke so highly of the program, especially for someone wanting a complete phonics program on a budget.  However, it quickly became apparent that Phonics Pathways was NOT a good fit for her at the [...]

Homeschool Happenings–September 2014

Homeschool Happenings 2014

This homeschooling month has definitely been filled with many ups and downs.  I finally finished my history and science experiment and can honestly say we tossed nearly all of it keeping only the Usborne Internet-Linked Ancient World by Fiona Chandler (What can I say?  The girls love the pictures).  Yep.  History and science both went goodbye.  That [...]