Teach Them Diligently Registration is Now Open!

Crystal Paine and Me at TTD Dallas 2014

Last July I had the opportunity to attend the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Dallas and loved it.  I loved getting to meet new people, connecting IN PERSON with ones I had only previously met online, learning about new and exciting homeschool resources, and so much more. While at TTD Dallas I had the joy of [...]

Our Preschool and Kindergarten Homeschool Routine

Our #Preschool and #Kindergarten #Homeschool Routine

I don’t know about you, but around here our daily schedule is never the same.  As such we’ve modified our schedule so that we have a routine we try to follow around a few pillar events.  Overall, this has worked great for us because it gives us some freedom for creativity as well.  I suppose [...]

8 Reasons NOT to Buy the 2014 Omnibus Bundle

2014 Omnibus Sale $25 #homeschool extravaganza

On Tuesday, I mentioned the exciting release of the the 2014 Omnibus sale in which 3 of my products (2014 Everything Planner, And the Word Became Flesh, and Encompass Preschool Curriculum) are included.  However, while this sale excites some, today I want to share with you 8 reasons you might NOT want to purchase the 2014 Omnibus [...]

Our 2014-2015 First Day of Homeschool Pics

Our 2014-2015 1st Day of #Homeschool Pics

What can I say?  These pics just make me smile.  In light of that, today’s post deserves very few words, so enjoy this year’s montage of back-to-homeschool pics.       Did you take back-to-homeschool pics too? Join the 2014 Homeschool Curriculum Hop by clicking on the calendar below and join the biggest homeschool not-back-to-school showcase on [...]

What We’ve Been Up To–August 2014 Homeschool Edition

What We've Been Up To--August 2014 #Homeschool Edition

It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly four months since I’ve shared our last homeschool update.  My how time flies!  We  had a wonderful summer visiting Branson, MO with family, playing at local parks, swimming in friends’ pools, and playing at children’s museums before resuming our homeschool studies in July.  Since then we have [...]