31 Ways to Celebrate National Umbrella Month

National Umbrella Month Ideas #March #Kids

Happy National Umbrella Month!  I know…who’d have thought up such a holiday, right?  Well, for whatever reason it was created, my daughters are all about umbrellas so you can be sure we will be celebrating it somehow.  Care to join us?  Here are 31 ways you can celebration National Umbrella Month with your kids too!  Enjoy! [continue reading…]

My Library Has WHAT?!

My Library Has What?! How to Homeschool for FREE with the Help of Your Local Library #homeschool #onlineeducation

A couple of months ago our local library updated their computer system, and when they did it, opened up a whole new world of homeschooling possibilities.  Curriculum I never thought would be possible for our family is now available FOR FREE!  Magazines I used to enjoy but chose to discontinue to help us save money [continue reading…]

What is Your EQ?

What is Your EQ? And how can you make it better? #emotions

Most people have heard of an IQ (intelligence quotient), and many could probably even tell you their IQ score, but have you ever heard of an EQ?  I recently learned about EQ in a Sunday School lesson, of all places, and was surprised by what I learned. EQ is short for Emotional Intelligence Quotient or [continue reading…]

Homeschool Happenings –January 2015

Homeschool Happenings January 2014

Wow!  It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly two months since we’ve shared a homeschool update.  Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, life has just flown right by. Teacup’s View of Homeschooling Teacup is continuing to work through the Encompass Preschool Curriculum and loving it.  As you can tell she is really a hands-on kind of girls. [continue reading…]

How to Listen to the Best Homeschool Speakers from Home!

How o Listen to the Best #Homeschool Speakers from Home

iHomeschool Studio 2015 Tickets Go On Sale Today! My kiddos are still pretty young for me to benefit from this webinar, but I thought I’d go ahead and share because if you have any homeschoolers in middle school or high school, this is an amazing opportunity to hear some of the best homeschool speakers from [continue reading…]