5 Homemade Cleaners I Use Every Day

5 Homemade Cleaners I Use Everyday

This summer while revamping my cleaning schedule I experimented with several homemade cleaners.  The result?  I’m never turning back.  Not only are homemade cleaners cheaper, they clean just as good and smell better.  And, I know that they are safer for my family.  That said, here are 5 homemade cleaning recipes that we use everyday…well, [...]

From Rustic to Modern: A Dining Room Before/After

Dining Transformation

Today’s guest post is from Olivia of DIY Mother.  Olivia is a 20-something mother to two rambunctious little girls, and wife to a handsomely handy contractor. Her family purchased their first home last year, and since then have been embarking on any DIY renovation project they can dream up; she’s also become a bit of a decorating nerd. Somehow [...]

6 Kitchen Organization Tricks That I Love

6 #Kitchen #Organization Tricks That I Love

This summer I took the opportunity to totally reorganize a few spaces in my house.  I shared at the beginning of the summer my deep cleaning checklist, and that list served wonderfully well.  As a result I was able to get back to teaching by July with renewed vigor and a sense of calm since [...]

Deep Cleaning Checklist {Free Printable}

Deep #Cleaning Checklist--2 Page Free #Printable

I don’t know about you but for me, Spring is NOT the time to do my deep cleaning.  April always seems to be the busiest month for me with end-of-the-school-year deadlines, concerts, recitals, contests, and the like.  As such this year I decided to move my deep cleaning routine to summer.  The result has been [...]

Interview with Angie Kauffman on Homemaking

Interview with Angie Kauffman on Homemaking

Today I am looking forward to introducing you to someone who is well-known across several blogging niches as a homeschooler, homemaker and author.  Today the topic is everything homemaking and I think you will be blessed to here from this original “domestic mess” gone “domestically challenged.”    Angie, a domestically challenged nerd, can be found writing [...]