6 Things You May Not Know About Amazon (and Should)

6 Things You May Not Know About Amazon That Could Change Your Shopping Experience Forever #amazon #onlineshopping

I don’t about you, but I use Amazon to order things…a lot. It’s so convenient because you just have to sit down to your computer and you know that most of the time you are getting the best deal.    But even with Amazon I like finding ways to make a sweet deal even sweeter. [continue reading…]

5 Brutally Honest Closet Organization Tips

5 Brutally Honest Closet Organization Tips #organization

I’m staring at my daughter’s closet thinking to myself, “It’s about time for another clean out.”  My girls grow so fast, I can’t keep up.  Between their growth and the thankful inflow of hand-me-downs, it’s starting to look overrun and overwhelming again.  It seems like only yesterday I was organizing their closets, but it’s been nearly [continue reading…]

FREE! 2015 Cornerstone Confessions Planner Printables

140+ Free 2015 #Planner #Printables

This year instead of creating an entirely new planner, I decided to modify the one I created last year for 2015 with a few exciting new additions (like a car care chart, notes page, etc.).  Why? Because I want to offer it to my readers(aka YOU) this year for FREE!  Yes, you read that right, FREE. [continue reading…]

5 Homemade Cleaners I Use Every Day

5 Homemade Cleaners I Use Everyday

This summer while revamping my cleaning schedule I experimented with several homemade cleaners.  The result?  I’m never turning back.  Not only are homemade cleaners cheaper, they clean just as good and smell better.  And, I know that they are safer for my family.  That said, here are 5 homemade cleaning recipes that we use everyday…well, [continue reading…]