Standing Up for God

STanding Up for school or anywhere

  We can thank God that He doesn’t ask us to do scary things like jump in a hot, fiery furnace to prove He can save us, right? But we live in a world where a lot of people don’t know God. That’s a shame, isn’t it?  1 Corinthians 2:14 says, “Only someone who has [...]

10 Things You Can Do When Your Kids Frustrate You

10 Things You Can Do When Your Kids Frustrate You #parentingtips

This week was just one of those weeks where it seemed like everything my girls did frustrated me.  You ever have one of those days?  LOL.  I’m sure nearly all of you who have kids experience frustration at one time or another.  So, what can you do during those frustrating times to defuse the situation [...]

Teacup is THREE!

Teacup is Three!

Last week Teacup turned 3!  It was a crazy week with so many back-to-school activities and the beginning of choir rehearsals, but we had fun taking a break to celebrate this little girl’s very special birthday.  She now declares on a regular basis that she is now a “big girl.”  Lol.  Love it.  We spent [...]

Our 2014-2015 First Day of Homeschool Pics

Our 2014-2015 1st Day of #Homeschool Pics

What can I say?  These pics just make me smile.  In light of that, today’s post deserves very few words, so enjoy this year’s montage of back-to-homeschool pics.       Did you take back-to-homeschool pics too? Join the 2014 Homeschool Curriculum Hop by clicking on the calendar below and join the biggest homeschool not-back-to-school showcase on [...]