Teacup is THREE!

Teacup is Three!

Last week Teacup turned 3!  It was a crazy week with so many back-to-school activities and the beginning of choir rehearsals, but we had fun taking a break to celebrate this little girl’s very special birthday.  She now declares on a regular basis that she is now a “big girl.”  Lol.  Love it.  We spent [...]

Our 2014-2015 First Day of Homeschool Pics

Our 2014-2015 1st Day of #Homeschool Pics

What can I say?  These pics just make me smile.  In light of that, today’s post deserves very few words, so enjoy this year’s montage of back-to-homeschool pics.       Did you take back-to-homeschool pics too? Join the 2014 Homeschool Curriculum Hop by clicking on the calendar below and join the biggest homeschool not-back-to-school showcase on [...]

How to Build a Strong Christian Home

Build a Strong Christian Home with this 5-Star #eBook

For many of us who are Christian mothers, we know we want to build strong Christian homes, but sometimes we are at a loss for where to start.  The eBook, How to Build a Strong Christian Home by June Fuentes, is an encouraging scripture-based tool that can help parents to build their home on THE solid foundation. A Few Highlights [...]

Children’s Bible Verse Songs {50 Free Downloads}

FREE Downloads 50 Bible Verse Songs for Kids -- No gimmick. Just simple songs created by a mom to help her young children learn Bible verses.

 In my heart I have hidden your word, so that I may not sin against you. (Psalm 119:11) When Peanut was a baby I began creating a collection of memory verse songs to help her hide God’s word in her heart.  I knew it’d be a long time before she could actually memorize and sing [...]