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Maximizing Closet Space on a Minimum Budget

A few months ago I shared with you Teacup’s closet makeover which included several organization tips such  as using what you have to your advantage (i.e. shipping boxes, cheap photo albums, and newspaper). Ever since then I’ve slowly but surely been at work on Peanut’s closet as well.  So today I am happy to finally share with you the big reveal as we strove to maximize her closet space on a minimum budget.
Maximizing Closet Space on a Minimum Budget #closetorganizatiotips

First, let me share the before pic….

Obviously, there was a lot to be desired here.  To begin, Peanut is much to short to reach the top clothing rod so it stood completely useless.  Secondly, she tried to store her grocery cart and doll stroller under her clothes making it next to impossible to get her clothes or her stroller/cart out without making a huge mess.  Third, there was a lot of unused space in this closet.  Just look at that backwall!  So you can now see why I so wanted to redo this space.
Now, here’s the big moment I am so excited about…the reveal!

Talk about looking totally different.  I love it!  It’s just a cheery change of scenery.  So let’s talk about the closet organization tips I found helpful in Teacup’s closet.

Adding Shelving

To begin we added some wood shelves by using a couple of 2″x4″ boards cut to fit the width of the closet and nailed to the wall.  We then topped them with a couple of 1″x12″ boards cut to fit the length of the closet.  The nice thing about this arrangement is that as Peanut grows, if she later would like to use the top rod in her closet all we have to do is lift the 1″x12″ boards out of her closet and the top rod is immediately available.  No nail removal or dis-assembly required.

Wood shelves added

Adding Storage Containers

Next we spray painted our paper boxes….purple for Peanut and white…well white because its super cheap Wal-mart and because it also brightens up a small space. 😉

Spray painted paper box

Adding Labels


Finally we added some fun labels…

Label mania

Including clothing labels…

Clothing rod labels made from laminated cardstock

We had just enough space below the paper box shelves to add some large Sterilite storage containers we already had to store hand-me-down shoes.

Sterilite shoe boxes

 Using What Works


Finally I switch out her cloth clothes hamper for a more traditional plastic laundry basket and the result is what you see below.

Peanut now has room to the left to place her stroller and grocery cart without clothing interference.  In addition, we gained lots of useful storage space that we will easily be able to transition as she grows.   We may eventually paint the added boards but for now, I am pleased with the result, especially since it makes much better use of her closet space.  Now, what room should I organize next?  Suggestions?

But all things should be done decently and in order.   Corinthians 14:40


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  1. says

    My sister helped me put shelving in my craft closet. I found (what I thought at first glance to be shelving) hotel headboards at Habitat Restore for less than $1.00 each. She put posts at each corner so that there was minimal pull on the studs/wall and now I have two walls with top to bottom shelves. The headboards were 54″ wide and fit exactly at the back wall of the closet and on the side wall. All for about $15.00.

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    It’s party time over at Debt Free Mommy Blog and you’re invited! Please come by and link up any post(s) related to making your home a better space. I hope you’ll join us for Making Space Mondays. Hope to see you there! -Tabitha

    • says

      Thanks! They have made a HUGE difference in the cleanliness of her closet. She now groups the like items together instead of just trying to pile them all on at the end of the rack where they kept falling off all the time. Glad you liked them.


  3. says

    I love it! What a fantastic way to make the space more usable for a little one – and adaptable as she grows.

    Stopping by from DIY by Design’s Sizzle into Summer party. :)

  4. says

    wow! what a difference between before and after!

    love your purple and white boxes, looks clean :) i’ve been working on my kid’s shared closet myself and cant wait to finish it up 😉



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