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Easy Morning Board Organization

The first day of school–for us, it’s finally here.  Today is Peanut’s big day.  Needless to say, we are all super excited in this house.  Don’t worry.  Our first week low-down is soon to come.

This morning Peanut is going to be greeted with her first-ever morning board which will guide us through our opening exercises each day of school.  When creating this morning board I wanted something that was easy to switch out as need and required no cutting, pasting or laminating. Needless to say, I was very excited when I found this hanging collage collection hanging display at Michael’s on sale for around $8.

Collage Collection 16 pocket Suction Cup Display available at Michaels

I knew right away I had found my morning board.  With open pockets on either side to insert 4×6 cards all I had to do to was create my morning board cards on Publisher and print them on 4×6 index cards.  Super easy.  So now it looks like this…

Finished morning board
Each month we will will have a theme and each week will will be discussing a topic within the theme.  As  you can tell from this week’s morning board, we are starting with the basics of “Me and My Family.”
Monthly and Weekly Themes

Next we will spend some time on memory work.  No Peanut can’t read yet but this will help her to at least learn the pattern of the morning board routine.  Each week our goal will be to memorize a verse of scripture and a poem.  In addition, we will be talking about a certain character trait as it relates to the Bible verse.

Memory and Recitation Section

Next we will review our letter and color of the week.

Letter and Color of the Week
Finally, we will be looking at our number of the week in numeric form, dot form, clock form and money form.
Number of the Week

Of course we will also have our calendar and weather time.  To do this I purchased this calendar from Amazon and love it.  Remember, how I said I didn’t want to cut out or glue or paste anything?  This calendar was very reasonably priced and comes with everything…holiday cards, date card, month cards, year cards to year 2016 and beyond, weather cards, and season cards.  They are made on very sturdy cardboard too so I know I won’t have to replace them anytime soon either.  So all in all I think it was totally worth it.

Calendar from Amazon
To keep track of all the cards and calendar items, I purchases this Sterilite box and recipe card dividers which I customized to separate all my index cards and calendar cards.
Morning Board Box

I created sticker labels on my printer using return address labels and cutting them to size.

I then placed all my loose calendar cards in snack bags so that they would slide around everywhere in the box.
Calendar cards in a snack bag

Since we will have weekly review time for all the poems and Bible verses we memorize, I included a section at the front to include our review cards when they are no longer on the morning board.  For a while we will review them twice a week and eventually once a week once we get them down.

Review cards

Our morning box categories:

  • Mon/Wed Review
  • Tues/Thurs Review
  • Monday Review
  • Tuesday Review
  • Wednesday Review
  • Thursday Review
  • Month Themes
  • Week Themes
  • Poems
  • Character Studies
  • Bible Verses
Morning board card dividers
  • Letters
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Numbers
  • Time
  • Skills
Calendar card dividers
  • School days
  • Holidays
  • Weather
  • Year
  • Season
  • Months
  • Days
  • Dates

My goal is to eventually be able to share these cards with you for download as I finish creating Peanut’s curriculum so be on the lookout.  In the meantime though, maybe this will give you some new ideas for your morning board and calendar organization.  God bless.

**UPDATE 9/4/2013**

The morning board cards for both my Encompass Preschool Curriculum and My Father’s World Kindergarten are now available to download.  Happy learning!

**UPDATE 9/23/2013

Want to see how our typical morning board routine works?  Or, can’t find the Michael’s Hanging Picture Collage but still want to do something similar?  Check out how we do our morning board and 5 morning board alternatives for more information.

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  1. cube2farm says

    Beautiful!!! Great ideas! You are SO organized! I am jealous… :) Thanks for posting.

    • says

      I know, right? Peanut has been asking me for some time to begin something with her and I’ve been putting it off as long as possible. I knew I wanted to get started before everything else got crazy in August so we had a routine established. Besides that, I knew I wanted to stay ahead of most people if I was going to share our results for others to implement this fall. Basically, in the end it just means we get to have a few extra vacation days throughout the year. 😉

  2. Barb @ Frugal Local Kitchen says

    Looks wonderful! I have to remember that photo display the next time I’m at Michael’s.

    When I was homeschooling my 1st, I had a similar calendar for several years. I loved it for the little ones.

  3. says

    Kathy, you make it pretty easy on me to feature you just about every week! :) Once again, you have another fabulous idea. I love the hanging collage! I’m going to have to run to Michael’s and see if I can find one. I’ve been trying to think of ideas to help my kids remember our history lessons as we work through the book. I can totally see using this! I’ll be working on school planning this week, so it’s perfect. Thanks for the great idea.

  4. says

    What a wonderful morning board! I have been looking for different ways to store our morning routine items, and this is perfect!! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful week!

    Mama Of Many Blessings

  5. says

    Wow, this is fantastic! I’d love to be able to download these eventually. I love how much thought you put into everything you make.

  6. Angela says

    Kathy, I am curious to know if you have a downloadable template that you created or use for your morning board materials? I am currently a stay at home mom w/a VERY inquisitive 3 year old. I have been putting together some different work pages however, I find her losing focus w/the things we do. I sometimes think it’s not enough or what she should be learning @ her age?! There’s just so much info & it can be overwhelming at times. I do love the layout you have put together w/the schedule. This is the light at the end of my tunnel. I think if we had something more systematic like the setup you have I may find her more interested. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful information you have so kindly shared w/others! I did find a site that had some very valuable information for the alphabet & how it should be taught to preschoolers so they can memorize it from the easiest letters to the hardest. I am willing to share the website but want to get an okay from you first. You have put in a lot of hard work & dedication to this site for your little ones. I do not by any means want to step over boundaries. Thanks again for putting this site up & making it available for all to see. May God continue to bless you & your family :o)


    • says


      I am so glad you asked. Actually, as I work through our curriculum I am creating all our morning board materials. I do have plans to share them once complete so be on the lookout. I might even have the first set by the beginning of the new year. As far as links you think would be helpful for others, by all means feel free to share. I ended up choosing to present the alphabet in alphabetical order initially and then go back a second time in an order more conducive for teaching reading. Basically, this first go I just want Peanut to be aware of the letters and that they fall in a certain order. But, I’m all about any tips so never feel free to share. We are all a team here. We all need all the help we can get.

    • Angela says

      Thanks for getting back to me :) I have seen some of the lesson plans that you have made available. I thank you for the plans you have so kindly shared. I was wondering more along the lines of the color, number, bible verses, the arrows & such if you had a template for them you’d be willing to share? If not would you let me know what type of computer program/format you are using? Even if you could email them to me?! If that however is something you are willing to do. The one web site I had found to be very beneficial was http://www.schoolsparks.com there’s also a great handwriting template @ http://www.handwritingworksheets.com That was is awesome! It gives you the option on what you want to type, how big the lines are, letters , ect. We have been through the alphabet a few times & I decided I will take the advice of this panel of teachers. I will let you know how helpful doing it this way is. They have some awesome free printable worksheets which I love & my daughter thoroughly enjoys :) I really like the set up you have. Very neat & organized. I think I will be homeschooling my youngest, I do have 4 older children (age ranges 8.5-17) who are in mainstream school & I really don’t care for the curriculum as a whole & kids are just way too mean now a days. The only thing I do like is we are in the top 4 school districts nation wide. If I come back around to the other sites I have used in the past I will be more then glad to share w/you. Thanks again for your time, effort & most of all sharing.


    • says

      Angela, I thought that’s what you meant by morning board materials. Those are the ones I’m currently creating week by week and hope to be able to share once we finish this first phase of preschool. If you can’t wait until then and want to start creating some on your own I used Microsoft Publisher for most, setting the page size to 4×6. We also have a printer who has a 4×6 paper tray so it has saved me tons of time to just print and insert these little morning board guides.

      As far as the links, thanks for the heads up. We actually just created some handwriting worksheets last week using the feature on handwritingworksheets.com but I haven’t heard of the other resource. I’ll be sure to check it out.

    • Angela says

      I will wait until you share the template w/us. I thought that you had said in your earlier reply that it was already posted in the lesson for that week. Sorry for my misunderstanding. I have a list of web sites I can not seem to find. However, when I do I will be sure to share them w/you & the others :o) I will make sure to keep an eye out for the template. I tried to find the same photo holder you have & unfortunately the Michael’s around me do not have anymore. It’s a seasonal item. I do like the concept you came up w/using the photo holder. I will have to use something a little different but, I think it will still look great!

    • says

      No sweat. Sometimes comments and emails just don’t do the communication system justice you know? As far as the photo holder being seasonal I had no idea. When you talked with them did they say what “season” it might be back in their stores? I’ve looked for other possibilities but never found anything as cheap or efficient as that. Hmmm…what are you thinking of using? You could use another collage type photo frame but them you’d have to take the backs off all the time and that’s no fun. I’m definitely going to have to think on this one.

  7. Amy S says

    i just picked up the hanging photo thing for $4! i think they are on clearance. sooo excited to make this….i haven’t
    done a thorough search but do you have a download available for these? thanks for sharing your great ideas I’m also planning to get the home binder :-)

    • says

      Oh that’s a great deal! I hear they are seasonal so it sounds like you got a steal. As of yet I do not have a download but be on the lookout. I plan to come out with all of them this summer! Yes, they are coming!

    • says

      Hope you like it. By the way, I’ve produced several printables for this board now too. So be sure to check those out in the resources section of the website. Have fun learning!

  8. Aubrey says

    Hi! I am starting to gather supplies to prepare for teaching my toddler. I am considering homeschooling and I love to teach so they go hand in hand! I love how you are so clear about everything! Did you teach just your daughter or did you have other kids come during the week as well and have a little preschool class?
    Also, does the $10 download of the curriculum include the entire year’s worth of lessons, activities, printables etc? So if I purchased it I could just follow the book?

    • says

      I just taught my daughter (no class). Yes, the curriculum includes it all. You can get a good idea from the free downloads available each week but many prefer the convenience of having it all available in one location + the extra resources. You can read more about it here as well as check out some sample lessons by clicking on a particular week. Hope that helps!